JAK JEWELS is an online boutique based in Hoboken, NJ where you will find curated jewelry collections following the latest trends in fashion. We curate pieces that we love, that are unique, make you more confident about yourself and add that extra pizzaz to any outfit. Most importantly we hope that our pieces will give you that extra boost of confidence making you look and feel beautiful. 


So – why JAK?  Don’t people say if you don’t love what you do, why do it? Or was that just our mothers?

We started JAK JEWELS based on a shared passion for fashion. After meeting in fashion school and later reconnecting at a job in the industry, it is safe to say we live and breath the fashion world everyday. We knew the corporate world wasnt enough for us - so after contemplating many business ventures together, we always came back to the idea of having our jewelry business- we finally built up the courage and went for it - that was when JAK JEWELS was born. 

We are excited to share this journey, our love & passion with you! 

You can reach us at info@jakjewels.com for more information & questions. 

Our collection is constantly growing and evolving - follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with us and on our newest additions to the collection! 



J & K